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Best Cold-Hardy Avocado Tree Varieties

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A cold-hardy Avocado tree.

This name may sound daunting but in reality, it is just an avocado tree that has the ability to grow in cold climates. These trees may thrive in any temperature ranging from as little as 20°F.

These plants are ideal for people with fewer warm days, much rain, and low winter temperatures.

Below is a full list of the most common kinds of cold-hardy avocado trees and how much cold temperature they can withstand.

Avocado tree varieties, cold weather tolerances, and where to buy them.

Avocado Tree VarietyLowest Temperature °FLowest Temperature °CWhere to Buy
Reed 30-32°F-1°CAmazon 
Monroe 20-21°F -6.7°CGarden Goods Direct
Taylor20-22°F -6.7°CFast Growing Trees
Gainesville 25-30°F -3.9°CA Natural Farm
Tonnage 20-21°F -6.7°CTropical Fruit Nursery
Maya 20-21°F -6.7°CFast Growing Trees
Fuerte 25-26°F -3.9°CParadise Nursery
Opal 20-23°F -6.7°CPlantogram
Bacon 25-26°F -3.9°CNature Hills
Wilma 20-21°F -6.7°CPlantogram
Del Rio 15-17°F -9.4°CWeavers Whimsy
Brogden 20-22°F -6.7°CPlantogram
Lila 25-26°F -3.9°CBuy Evergreen Shrubs

What follows is a complete description of each of these varieties, including any special notes, their potential height, and the temperatures that they are able to withstand.

Special notes:

  • All of these trees have the ability to grow and thrive almost anywhere in the world and can be grown through artificial light or natural light. It is important to note that it depends on the variety of tree when deciding which to buy, and what you are looking for.
  • These trees need plenty of water and can grow to producing fruit from seed within 3-4 years. If you purchase a started tree, you may grow avocados in about 3-6 months, depending on the variety!
  • The artificial light may be a UV light or other depending on preference.
  • All trees listed should have a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunlight daily either artificial or natural and be given a light dose of water daily or a heavy dose two to three times a week.

1. ‘Reed’ Avocado

reed avocado
  • Cold hardy to 30°F
  • Height: 15ft tall

‘Reed’ avocado trees, originated in Carlsbad, California in 1960. These trees are commonly a result of crossing two Guatemalan avocados, ‘Anaheim’ and ‘Nepal’.

‘Reed’ trees have the ability to withstand temperatures of around 30°F. If this tree is in weather that drops below 30°F, small effects will start to show which can overall impact the next season’s fruit and the tree itself.

These effects may include: damage to flower buds, dropping leaves, and damaged tissue which may become limp and cause a disrupted growth pattern.

These trees may grow to about 15 feet tall and as wide as 8-12 feet, with proper health. ‘Reed’ trees are known for their large, round avocados, and light brown branches.

However, this all depends on the growing location, including the temperature, and care given. In order to take proper care of these trees, it is best to grow them with around six hours of sunlight daily (does not have to be direct).

However, planted seeds in containers can be brought outside and then kept inside during colder days or months as long as they get plenty of water and around 3-6 hours of sunlight daily.

2. ‘Monroe’ Avocado

  • Cold hardy to 20-21°F
  • Height: 15-20ft tall

The ‘Monroe’ tree, has parentage from both West Indian and Guatemalan trees but may be the result of a cross between the ‘Waldin’ and ‘Eagle Rock’ cultivars.

Originating in South Florida in 1932, these trees are a known commercial tree popular in shows and movies.

‘Monroe’ trees are known for their resilience to cold and their large, hefty fruits. When mature, the fruits can weigh 2 pounds or more!

‘Monroe’ fruits are more of an oval shape than the common round shape found in most avocado trees. These trees can withstand a temperature of about 20-21 °F.

Monroe’ trees tend to dry out more quickly than other trees if not watered enough, which should be daily. When they are too dry, the leaves will begin to wither and drop.

Often, these leaves will turn a bright yellow beforehand which may be a strong indicator that it’s time to water your plant!

This variety grows around 15 to 20 feet tall when mature with a common width of 10-12 feet.

If planted indoors these trees should have around 4-6 hours of artificial light daily and 10-12 hours of sunlight in outside locations.

3. ‘Taylor’ Avocado

taylor avocado
  • Cold hardy to 20-22°F
  • Height: 30-40ft tall

The ‘Taylor’ variety originated in south Central Mexico. It is classified as a flowering tree due to their bright yellow-green flowers.

The original seed was planted in 1908 and it produces thick, round avocados perfect for anything from cooking to eating raw.

‘Taylor’ typically grows 30-40 feet tall but may reach 80 feet tall with proper care and an ideal location. These trees can withstand a low temperature of 20-22°F.

They may be grown either indoors or outdoors and need 6-10 hours of either natural or artificial light daily.

Water should be applied daily for maximum vigor. Overall, these trees are low maintenance and easy to take care of and maintain into maturity.

4. ‘Gainesville’ Avocado

  • Cold hardy to 25-30°F
  • Height: 30-65ft tall

The ‘Gainesville’ tree, originated in the Macary Hall of the University of Florida, where it was planted for decor but soon grew popular across the United States.

Known for its small, oval-shaped form, this avocado is commonly smaller when fully mature than other varieties. The leaves are described as bright to deep green.

The fruit taste is largely absent but can be slightly bitter. It is commonly used in cooking and garnishes.

‘Gainesville’ may grow 30-65 feet tall with proper maintenance and water.

They require 3-6 hours of either natural or artificial sunlight a day when grown indoors. Artificial light sources should include UV rays for optimal growth.

The trees may survive in 25-30°F weather. Temperatures below that may cause them to lose their avocados.

However, higher summer temperatures are beneficial and tend to promote growth.

5. ‘Tonnage’ Avocado

tonnage avocado
  • Cold hardy to 20-21°F
  • Height: 30-40ft tall

The ‘Tonnage’ tree originated in south Central Mexico and is an older cultivar not seen as often any longer.

It produces large, pear-shaped avocados with a large seed in the center.

‘Tonnage’ avocados are known for their bittersweet, tangy taste and go well with healthier recipes for treats and even some cooked dishes.

At full maturity, this tree may grow as tall as 30-40 feet and in some rare cases, 80 feet, depending on the stock, maintenance, and weather factors.

‘Tonnage’ is commonly described as having light brown branches with many buds and large, oversized, light green leaves.

They thrive best in cooler temperatures that don’t go below 20-21°F at their lowest point.

6. ‘Maya’ Avocado

  • Cold hardy to 20-21°F
  • Height: 40-80ft tall

The ‘Maya’ tree, originated in Southern Mexico and are believed to be grown as a crop of the ancient Mayans. The fruit has a thick texture and it is best in salads and cooking recipes.

This tree has the ability to grow from 40-80 feet tall.

‘Maya’ does best when they are grown outdoors. Abundant sunlight provides the rich hearty taste of the fruit and encourages the bright green of the leaves and maximum height and maturity.

These trees may tolerate temperatures of 20-21°F but any lower temperatures may induce withering fruit and leaves, leaving the tree to wilt and not reach maturity. It is important to water these trees every day to maintain health!

7. ‘Fuerte’ Avocado

fuerte avocado
  • Cold hardy to 26-27°F
  • Height: 40ft tall

The ‘Fuerte’ avocado originated in Texas and is a widely known and loved avocado in the commercial food industry.

It is a crossbreed between a Mexican and an Indian tree.

‘Fuerte’ may grow up to 40 feet tall and maybe even more with proper care and health. Because it can withstand and thrive in 26-27°F degree weather, it is perfect to grow in many locales.

The fruit has a nutty, rich taste with many nutrient-rich oils and fats that are perfect for a healthy diet and recipes!

The ‘Fuerte’ tree is similar to other avocado trees and needs around 6-8 hours of natural/artificial light daily.

When grown indoors, to ensure it gets plenty of nutrients, make sure to provide UV light. It may need to be slightly watered daily or heavily watered two to three times a week.

8. ‘Opal’ Avocado

  • Cold hardy to 20-23°F
  • Height: 15-20 ft tall

The ‘Opal’ variety originated in Texas and gets its name due to its opal-shaped fruits. With a hardy, thick exterior, these avocados are one of the most popular fruits in Mexico and have been locally grown for a variety of foods and dishes!

The flavor is considered to be rich and nutty as well as having a creamy texture perfect for any spread or dip!

This tree grows up to 15-20 feet depending on care and health. ‘Opal’ can withstand 20-23°F.

When taking care of ‘Opal,’ it is important to keep it deeply watered either twice a week or lightly watered daily. This ensures the tree gains all the nutrients needed for growing into full maturity.

However, don’t forget your plant needs plenty of sunshine, whether it’s natural or artificial—at least 6 hours daily!

9. ‘Bacon’ Avocado

bacon avocado
  • Cold hardy to 25-26°F
  • Height: 15-20ft tall

The ‘Bacon’ avocado is known to be one of the most attractive and beautiful of all avocados. The bright and rich color of the skin is responsible for this fame. The flavor is rich with nutty hints.

These trees are often mistaken for a Christmas tree as they are tall and straight with erect branches and a full lush coat of green.

Taking around 13-15 years to reach full maturity, it may not produce avocados until then. It is not an early fruiting variety.

‘Bacon’ can grow up to 15-20 feet and can live through temperatures of 25-26°F.

It is important to maintain proper care with these trees, including 6-7 hours of natural or artificial sunlight daily and adequate watering daily.

10. ‘Wilma’ Avocado

  • Cold hardy to 20-21°F
  • Height: 20-25ft tall

The’Wilma’ tree, originating in Pearsall, Texas, is now common in the United States. It produces a hearty avocado, known to have a good, rich flavor with a creamy and delicate texture.

These trees may grow from 20-25 feet tall and may produce fruit one to two years after full maturity, which overall takes 3-4 years. These trees have the ability to adapt and withstand the cold to 20-21°F.

For optimum health and to produce fruit, these trees require water daily and 6 hours of either artificial or natural sunlight.

This sun will help maintain the bright color of both the leaves on the tree and the avocados themselves.

11. ‘Del Rio’ Avocado

del rio avocado
  • Cold hardy to 15-17°F
  • Height: 15ft tall

The ‘Del Rio’ tree also originated in Texas and is now found in many regions of Florida.

These trees have distinct characteristics of small green fruits with a creamy and nutty flavor, perfect for spreads and cooking!

The ‘Del Rio’ tree can grow up to 15ft in just two years and has the potential to grow more with proper attention and care. These trees are able to withstand temperatures of 15 to 17°F.

They are the most common cold-hardy avocado trees and are low maintenance if maintained correctly.

When first planted, this variety can take up to two years to grow to full height and may take five years to produce avocados. Proper watering weekly can hasten the maturity time.

12. ‘Brogden’ Avocado

brogden avocado
  • Cold hardy to 20-22°F
  • Height: 20-30ft tall

The ‘Brogden’ variety originated in Florida in the 1930s. Getting its name from the suspected cross-breeding of both the Mexican and Indian type cultivars, ‘Brogden’ matures rapidly and gives off creamy and nutty, thickly textured avocados for any use.

These avocados are high in oils and healthy fats, making them popular across the United States and especially in California.

They have the ability to grow to 20-30 feet tall and thrive in temperatures as low as 20-22°F.

These trees have the distinct feature of long, light brown stems with multiple branches and deep green and purple leaves.

Taking care of the ‘Brogden’ tree is similar to others, needing around 6 or more hours of artificial or natural light daily to maintain health.

13. ‘Lila’ Avocado

lila avocado
  • Cold hardy to 25-26°F
  • Height: 10-15ft tall

‘Lila’ is an offspring of the ‘Opal’ variety and originated in Texas. The trees produce large, round avocados in the months of July-September.

Known to have a rich, nutty taste and filled with healthy fats and oils, it is an excellent addition to any dish!

‘Lila’ grows from 10 to 15 feet tall with proper care and water intake. It can withstand temperatures of 25-26°F.

When taking care of these trees it is important to locate them in 6-8 hours of sunlight, either artificial or natural, and water them lightly each day or heavier every couple of days.