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5 Tomatoes That Taste Great in Guacamole

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You can turn your favorite guacamole recipe into a gourmet masterpiece with the right type of tomatoes. There are so many kinds of tomato that it can be tricky to pick the perfect one for your guac. We have rounded up five types of tomatoes you should try in your guacamole, including Romas, plum tomatoes, and grape tomatoes. 

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You must want to know more about the best ingredients for your guacamole. It’s really not difficult to put a big bowl of fresh, creamy guacamole on the table and enjoy it with tortilla chips. A fresh ripe avocado is the star of the show.

Make sure you have perfectly ripe avocadoes for buttery, creamy guacamole. Add the right number of jalapenos and chopped scallions and a little salt, and that’s it. Guac is a rich dip that lends itself to slight twists and additions for novel flavors.

The tangy flavor and juiciness of fresh ripe tomatoes may be just the thing to take your guacamole game up a notch. This combo works well because they complement each other rather than compete for attention. 

Does It Matter What Type of Tomatoes You Use in Guacamole?

Not all tomatoes are created equal for Mexican guacamole. Some varieties might be too acidic or too bland for your guacamole.

It’s important to choose a tomato that will enhance flavor without overpowering your guac. 

Meaty tomatoes with low water content are your best bet for adding flavor while keeping the consistency right. So, to pick the right type of tomatoes for guac, you can choose one from our list. Always make sure they are not too ripe and stay plump when they are diced.

Does Guac Have to Have Tomatoes?

No, you can prepare your guacamole without adding any tomatoes.

Classic Mexican guacamole is avocados, onions, chilies, salt, and fresh lime juice. Americans tend to add cumin, garlic, and pepper to their guac.

However, both recipes love the addition of ripe, juicy tomatoes. It totally depends on how you like your guacamole. 

Which Tomatoes Are Best for Guacamole?

The best tomatoes to add to guacamole are the ones that have a flavor contrast with the avocado without being too juicy. Tomatoes with low water content will mean a thicker and creamier guac, whereas those with high water content may make your guacamole runny.

We’ve listed five varieties of tomato that we think go best in guacamole.

1- Roma Tomatoes 

roma tomatoes

Roma is the most popular tomato for guac out there.  Don’t let the size fool you. These tomatoes are pretty firm when ripe and have a milder flavor compared to other types of tomatoes. In general, Roma tomatoes are great to add texture without too much juice. 

2- Plum Tomatoes

small plum tomatoes

Plum tomatoes are chewy and tangy with a little more pulp than Roma tomatoes. They are firmer and not too juicy. They also hold their shape pretty well after dicing, which gives a nice look to your guacamole.

3- Grape Tomatoes 

Grape tomatoes may be small, but they pack a lot of flavors. These are sweet like cherry tomatoes but have less moisture, making them perfect for your guacamole.  Stir them in at the end to give it a bright pop of vine-ripened flavor.

4- Beefsteak Tomatoes

red beefsteak tomatoes

These large tomatoes are large and meaty with a robust flavor. They have slight acidity, which will help balance the flavor of your guacamole. Their low water content also helps to keep your guacamole nice and thick. 

5- San Marzano Tomatoes

san marzano tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are usually used in Italian recipes, but their bright acidity works well to balance your guacamole. They have a very concentrated flavor and just the right amount of firm pulp.

How Many Tomatoes Should You Use?

It totally depends upon your guacamole recipe. However, a good rule of thumb is to add half a cup of tomato for each avocado you will use. You can always add more or less depending on your preference.

You can add two to three different types of tomatoes for a varied taste or add all the same for mono-flavor guacamole. The choice is yours. 

How Do You Cut a Tomato for Guacamole?

The best way to cut tomatoes for guacamole is to dice depending on the size and shape of your tomato. 

Just slice it in half from top to bottom for a Roma tomato, and then remove the core with a paring knife or spoon. You can then cut it into wedges or cubes for your guacamole.

For grape tomatoes, you should simply halve them.  For larger tomatoes like beefsteak, you can slice them lengthwise and then dice away.

Make sure to deseed your tomatoes before cutting them. This will help to reduce the water content. 

fresh cut tomatoes


Tomatoes add a nice zing to your guacamole and help balance the creaminess of the avocado. Make sure you pick the right type of tomatoes for guacamole and dice them properly before adding them to your guacamole.

Try the types of tomatoes listed above and see for yourself how they transform an avocado dip into something extraordinary. We hope you found this article helpful in picking the right tomato for the perfect guacamole.