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Can Avocados Cause Acne?

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Can the obsession with avocados still be called a craze?

It’s certainly not a fad because fads eventually end. People are still going crazy over avocados.

They’re on top of more pieces of toast and burgers, garnishing more breakfast plates, and making more guacamole than ever before.

People have latched onto avocados because of their incredible texture and taste. There are also a lot of great health benefits to eating avocados.

With so much attention given to avocados from restaurants and other food establishments, you’d think it was a superfood with no downsides.

People are rushing to the store to buy them even when prices for organic avocados are sky high!

These days, more people are using avocado oil for cooking, and you can find avocado listed as an ingredient on a large number of health and beauty products sold online and in stores.

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Eating a lot of avocados is generally healthy because they have a lot of great fats good for your body that will keep you feeling full and help you avoid snacking on harmful foods like carbs and sugar.

But what about skin health?

Does eating avocados, a food that is known to be high in natural fats, harm your skin?

Do people who eat avocados get acne? Let’s take a look.

There Is a Strong Link Between Diet & Acne

Nutritionists, dieticians, and other health experts have known for decades that the foods you eat have an impact on your skin.

Certain foods are known to trigger oily skin that can lead to acne and other outbreaks.

Even though the food you eat is likely not the biggest trigger of acne, anything you can do to improve the health of your skin is important, especially for people who struggle with serious acne or frequent outbreaks.

It’s difficult to make definitive statements about food and acne.

After all, different people have different skin types and react differently to a variety of foods.

So, it’s very hard to say that one certain kind of food must be avoided at all costs by everyone.

There are, however, some generalities when it comes to diet and skin health.

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Here are some things you want to avoid to cut down on acne and keep your skin in good condition.

Sugar People who eat high amounts of sugar are known to struggle more with acne.

Some health experts think that eating too much sugar throws off your body’s hormonal system because of jumps in blood sugar levels that need to be regulated by insulin.

Dairy Some nutritionists link consumption and the use of milk products with higher levels of acne.

Eating things like milk, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products could lead to more outbreaks that stay longer.

Again, that’s because eating a lot of dairy products often triggers higher insulin levels.

Processed Fats – Eating a lot of greasy foods and foods that are cooked in unhealthy, processed fats also lead to more acne.

In general, most people assume that eating a lot of fried foods, for example, will give you more pimples and zits.

It’s also associated with higher levels of oil on your face.

Whey Protein – When you eat whey protein, you’re ingesting more amino acids that promote skin cell growth and division.

In a teenager and other people with sensitive skin, this growth activity gives more chances for acne to grow.

These are just some foods commonly associated with higher levels of acne. Again, it’s important to state that there is a wide variance from person to person.

The best thing you can do with your diet is to monitor what you eat and how it makes your skin look and feel.

Make the necessary adjustments to prevent acne outbreaks.

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What About Avocado?

Decades ago, when science was not as focused on the nutrition and health benefits of certain foods, it was a common misconception that eating any fat at all was bad for you.

Eating fat, no matter where it came from, could lead to heart disease and obesity.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then.

Now, we know that eating avocados and using avocado products provides your skin with beneficial fats that contribute to overall health.

Avocados help in many ways. Here are some of the main benefits they offer:

A Natural Moisturizer – Avocados are full of healthy fats that moisturize your skin.

In some cases, it can be even better for your skin than coconut oil, which has been in skin care products for decades.

Some people even rub avocado peels directly on their skin as a natural moisturizer.

High-quality skincare products combine avocado with things like honey, olive oil, and other natural moisturizers to keep your skin smooth with a healthy glow.

Protection from the Sun – Modern science also tells us that too much exposure to UV rays from the sun can be harmful.

Being out in the sun isn’t great for your skin either. Avocados can help reduce inflammation in your skin caused by sun exposure.

They also have high levels of naturally-occurring Vitamin C and Vitamin E that are great for the skin.

Promotes Healing – Applying avocado oil and other avocado products could help you heal scratches and other small wounds on your skin more quickly.

They also help get rid of chapped lips very fast!

These are just some of the benefits that avocados offer your skin.

Overall, it’s a superfood that promotes health and will steer you away from other foods like candy and other junk food that could cause acne.

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Avocado Can Help Prevent Acne

Creams containing avocado are also effective at preventing and controlling acne outbreaks.

Avocados are high in linoleic acid, and people who have lower levels of linoleic acid typically have a higher incidence of acne.

Eating and using avocado products can return you to normal or even better than normal levels and get rid of any acne.

As avocados gain more recognition for their various health benefits, more people are catching on and using them in diets and skincare regimens.

If you or someone you know is struggling with acne or just wants to have healthier skin overall, try out avocados!