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Is Guacamole Vegan?

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One of the best things about guacamole is that it can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

People with dietary restrictions, whether by choice or for health reasons, can enjoy this delicious dish without regret. The star of the dish is, obviously, the avocados, and there are relatively few ingredients that are added to provide the texture and spice variety so many people love.

A lot of people wonder whether guacamole has dairy in it. “Is guacamole vegan?”, they wonder. Yes, guacamole is a vegan dish that usually has no dairy or animal products in it.

The vast majority of the guac you’ll eat in your life is vegan.

guacamole sauce

There are, however, some guacamole recipes that call for milk or eggs. Some people or places add them in to make them creamier or add the eggs for a twist on the traditional dish.

Other people add mayonnaise into guacamole for some tang and added saltiness.

If you’re wondering if guacamole is vegan and how you can tell if it’s got dairy in it, we’ve put together some helpful information on how you can know.

Does Guac Have Dairy in It?

Virtually all of the guacamole that you’ll buy in restaurants, eat at a friend’s house, or buy in a store will be vegan. Guacamole doesn’t need any animal products to taste fantastic. It just needs a few ingredients and the right amount of added spices, and you’re all set for the perfect appetizer or snack food.

Most guacamoles include the following ingredients:

  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lime Juice
  • Cumin

Of course, people will tweak some of these ingredients and how much you use of each until they find the perfect guacamole.

Some people, for example, don’t like red onions, so they won’t add them into the guac. Other people don’t love tomatoes or can’t digest tomato seeds, so they leave them out.

You’ll rarely find any type of guacamole with milk, mayo, or eggs inside.

spicy guacamole sauce

Is Guacamole Vegan Friendly?

Yes! It’s a wonderful vegan dish that vegans and non-vegans all generally love. If you’re a vegan hosting a dinner party and you are stressed about what your non-vegan friends will eat, guacamole is always a safe bet. People love to eat it with meals or as a pre-meal snack.

If you’re having vegans over, they’ll always appreciate the effort you went into making vegan foods that they can eat without stressing over animal products inside.

Knowing that there are, though, guacamoles out there with animal products inside, don’t be surprised if your vegan friend asks just to make sure. If you like, you can offer up the assurance that it’s a vegan guac to put your friends at ease.

Most of the time, vegans don’t even ask restaurants if their guacamole is indeed vegan.

They simply order the dish and assume that it doesn’t have any animal products inside. If you’re concerned, you can always ask a waiter to make sure the guac they’re serving is actually vegan.

making guacamole

What Is Guacamole Sauce Made Of?

We’ve already told you about guacamole ingredients, but how exactly is it made? If you’re a vegan trying out guacamole at home for the first time, or you’re making guac for a vegan friend, here’s a basic rundown of how to make a delicious guacamole dish.

Step 1 – Open up your avocados and remove the pits. The avocados should be ripe enough that the pits come out without too much trouble. You can whack the sharp edge of your knife into the pit until the knife sticks, and with a twist, it should come right out.

Scoop the avocados out into a bowl and start mashing them up with a fork or some other instrument. You can whisk your avocados into a smooth, creamy texture or leave some chunks in there for scooping with chips.

Step 2 – Once your avocados are out, you can pour some fresh lime juice over them. It adds much-needed acidity to the dish, and it helps preserve the guac for longer.

When air hits the inside of an avocado, it can turn brown rather quickly. It’s still good to eat, but people get weird about eating it if they think it’s spoiled. Add lime juice to taste.

Step 3 – Chop tomatoes and onion (or either one or none!) and mix them into the avocado mixture. Again, some people don’t love onion or tomatoes in their guac and that’s perfectly fine!

Step 4 – Add diced cilantro into the guacamole. Again, add to taste.

Step 5 – Season your guacamole with salt, pepper, and cumin. Be careful about going heavy on the cumin. A little goes a long way.

Step 6 – Get fancier if you like by adding things like jalapenos, garlic, and olive oil.

3 Ways to Tell If Your Guacamole Is Vegan

  • Ask for the ingredients – If you’re buying it at a farmer’s market or ordering it at a restaurant, ask to make sure it’s vegan. Sometimes people don’t know what vegan means, so you’re better off simply asking them what’s in the dish so you can know for sure.
  • Make it yourself – The best way to make sure your guac is vegan is to make it yourself! We’ve already covered that it’s an easy dish to make and you probably have a lot of the ingredients at home in your fridge already. Just buy some avocados and the rest isn’t too much work.
  • Have a non-vegan friend taste it – You can ask your friend to take some bites of the guacamole to see if they taste milk or mayonnaise. This is a bit harder, but most people know what traditional guacamole should taste like, and they’ll know if something is different.
vegan friendly guac stores

Vegan-Friendly Guac at 5 Popular Places

There are a lot of places that sell guacamole. You’re more than likely to be safe buying it at chain restaurants and grocery stores if you’re looking for something vegan. Here are few places where you can find truly vegan guacamole:

  • Chipotle
  • Subway
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Taco Bell

As you can see, vegan guac spans the spectrum of price ranges. You can find vegan guac at affordable fast-food restaurants and high-end grocery stores.