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Florida Avocado vs Haas Avocado

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Avocado is an exquisite and delicious fruit that most people love not only because of its taste but also the amount of nutrients it has. They were introduced into the United States after the 1950s.

Unlike other fruits, avocados contain a great amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and around 20 vitamins and minerals. They are also called butter fruits or alligator fruits due to their rough and leathery skin texture.

There are many types of avocados but probably the two most popular ones are Florida avocado and Haas avocado. At a glance, these pear-shaped fruits look similar but there are some differences between each type, from their texture to how they taste.

These are some key characteristics that separate Florida avocado from Haas avocado.

variety of avocado

The Difference Between Florida Avocado And Haas Avocado

Florida AvocadoHaas Avocado
Weighs around 1 pound and measures around 13 inches in length.Weighs between 0.4 to 0.6 ounces and measures around 4.5 inches in length
Has bright green skin with a smooth texture.Has a purplish-black skin with a rougher texture.
Is harder to cut through and much harder to scoop out of its skin.Is easier to cut and scoop out of its skin.
Fills around 1 cup per serving.Fills around ¾ cup per serving
Skin color and texture do not turn much when it is ripe.Skin turns blackish when it is ripe. Its texture would also become tender and smoother.
One cup offers around 276 calories and 0.8 ounces (23 grams) of fat.One cup offers around 385 calories and 1.2 ounces (35 grams) of fat.
Contains almost twice the vitamin C and 33 percent more vitamin E Contains twice the vitamin A, almost three times the amount of folate, and 33 percent more potassium.
Pit is larger and much easier to come out of the fruit.Pit is smaller and harder to come out of the fruit.
Has a shorter shelf-life.  Has a longer shelf-life than Florida avocado.

Florida Avocado Taste

After listing all the internal and external differences between Florida avocado and Haas avocado, let’s take a look at their taste

Florida avocado has a watery taste like other fruits with juicy textures. It also offers an almond-like, nutty flavor with a slight sweetness and citrus-like undertones.

Meanwhile, Haas avocado has a buttery and creamy taste due to its higher fat content. It also has a similar nutty flavor to Florida avocado.

What Makes Florida Avocado So Watery?

avocado toast

Some people might wonder what makes the texture or flesh of Florida avocado so watery compared to other types of avocado. Simply put, the watery texture of the Florida avocado comes from its lower fat content.

Although this lower fat content contributes to its watery texture, people who are looking for healthier fruits tend to go for Florida avocado.

On the other hand, if you buy an unripe Florida avocado, its texture can also be more watery. This is because when any avocado is picked too early, the fat in this avocado doesn’t have enough time to develop properly.

This will contribute to the watery texture of the fruit. You can also notice that unripe avocados have a glossier skin texture compared to the ripe ones.

Final Verdict: Florida Avocado Or Haas Avocado? Which is one is the best?

Whether you’re thinking of adding them as ingredients for smoothies or guacamole dips, or even for desserts, choosing the right avocado depends on your own preference and choice.

If you’re looking for avocados with lower calories, then Florida avocados are the best choice. In fact, Florida avocados make great smoothies, shakes, or one of the ingredients in your salads because of their firm and watery texture.

But if you’re looking for avocado that is rich in flavor for your avocado toast or guacamole with creamy and buttery taste, Haas avocado should be your go-to fruit.

If price is the biggest factor for you, Haas avocado is a bit expensive compared to Florida avocado. Since 2019, a single Haas avocado has cost around $2.10.


Above all, both of these avocados offer a great amount of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other supplemental nutrients.

There’s no harm if you love them both and prefer to mix them together!