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Can You Eat an Unripe Avocado?

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The usual order of things is that fruits are eaten when they become ripe. But in some cases, this order does not matter.

More times than not, when you buy avocado from a store, it will be unripe. And you might not want to wait until the fruit is fully ripened.

Can you eat an unripe avocado?

It turns out that you can eat an unripe avocado, but you might not enjoy it. A raw unripe avocado will not have the same flavor or taste as a ripe avocado. This does not mean unripe avocados have no culinary usefulness. Unripe avocados can come in handy for some meals and recipes and come out delicious.

raw unripe green avocado

How safe is it to eat unripe avocados? Is there anything you need to worry about if you consume one? This article will add some clarity to the topic.

Can You Eat an Unripe Avocado?

You can eat an unripe avocado, but most people report that raw unripe avocados taste awful.

Unlike ripe avocados, unripe avocados are tough to touch, and they have bright green skins.

They are also hard to chew and cut through. So, the taste and flavor are not the only things you have to worry about.

You do not have to dispose of unripe avocados, however. You can use them in various ways in your cooking and get a delicacy out of them.

raw unripe avocado fruit

Are Unripe Avocados Safe?

There is a common conception that eating unripe avocados may be unsafe for humans.

Well, this is not true; unripe avocados are actually safe for humans.

Understandably, people might think unripe avocados might be toxic since they are harmful to some domestic animals.

But the substance that causes illness and death in those animals, persin, is harmless to humans.

While avocado is generally considered safe to humans, there could be allergy concerns in some people. If a person is allergic to avocado, then they should avoid eating it.

Oral allergy to avocado is caused by their high levels of histamines. Oral avocado allergy comes with symptoms like itchiness in the mouth, throat, and lips. One may also experience stomach symptoms similar to inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).

People who are allergic to latex are often also allergic to avocados, and these reactions can be more serious. Avocados contain proteins that are closely related to those found in latex. These proteins can trigger an allergic reaction.

It is estimated that about 30-50% of people allergic to latex are also allergic to avocados.

When one reacts to avocado due to these proteins, one may get a runny nose, stomachache, and watery eyes. In extreme cases, this allergy could lead to anaphylaxis.

Avocado allergy is relatively uncommon, but if you are allergic, you should avoid it. In case you experience any symptoms of avocado allergy, you should seek emergency treatment immediately.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In some cases, eating unripe avocados may come with some side effects. You could become itchy or get a stomachache.

You may also have watery eyes and a runny nose as a side effect of eating an avocado. But these side effects usually show up if you are allergic to avocados or have issues digesting them.

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Will It Cause a Stomachache?

It turns out that avocados can cause stomachache and some other gastrointestinal symptoms in certain people.

If you are not tolerant of FODMAP foods, then there is a high chance that you may get a stomachache from a little too many avocados.

You may also experience other allied symptoms including bloating.

Avocado contains sorbitol, a substance that belongs to the FODMAP group.

If you are not FODMAP-tolerant, then you’ll have issues digesting sorbitol. Hence, you may experience a stomachache from eating an avocado.

If you experience stomach symptoms from eating avocados while not allergic to them, you should reduce the quantity you eat.

Besides FODMAP intolerance, one may also experience stomachache and similar symptoms if they are allergic to avocados.

homemade avocado fries

7 Ways to Use Unripe Avocados

After tasting raw unripe avocados, we are fairly sure you will not want to eat them raw again. The good news is that you can use them in other delicious ways.

To enjoy your unripe avocados, use them in the following ways:

  • Cut them up and make them into avocado fries. While ripe avocados are soft and unsuitable for making fries, unripe ones work simply fine.
  • Turn it into garnish. Grate the unripe avocado. Then prepare a marinade of 1 part sugar, 1 part fish sauce, and 1 part lemon juice. Marinate the avocado for 20-30 minutes. Then add it to your salad.
  • You could also dice unripe avocadoes into a beaten egg and breadcrumb mixture. You may then choose to bake or fry this mixture.
  • Soak the peeled unripe avocado in tangy brine to make avocado pickles. Doing this will soften the avocado and add some flavor.
  • Wrap sliced avocados in bacon, then bake until crisp.
  • Make an eggvocado (bake an egg in the avocado). To do this, cut the avocado in half, remove the seed, and hollow out the halves a little to accommodate the egg. Slightly salt the hollowed halves, then crack an egg into each one. Bake in a baking dish containing ½ inch (1.3 centimeters) of water for around 20-25 minutes at 350 F.


You can eat an unripe avocado. However, if you eat it raw, you most probably will not enjoy the flavor. Unripe avocados are best enjoyed when used in cooking.